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Education Beyond the Classroom

Art Club 

Advisor: Mrs. Melanie Huffman

The Art Club is open to any student currently enrolled in art or to a student who has completed studio art.  Some of the club activities include face painting at various sporting events, setting up the display at the spring expo, helping with prom and participation in other school sponsored activities.  The club dues are $2.00.

Advisor: Mr. Travis Nicholas
Careers With Children 
Advisor:  Mrs. Amy Schoen

The Careers with Children program provides junior and senior students the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them to become caregivers of young children. The program provides classroom instruction, practical training and personal growth opportunities. Through this combination, the students gain the skills and knowledge which make up a strong foundation for continuing their education in the early childhood area or to assume an entry level position in a childcare program. Students are encouraged to join F.C.C.L.A., a professional and service organization that provides opportunities for them to participate in school activities and community functions.


Advisor: Mr. Phillip Frech

The CIS students participate in the national student organization, Business Professionals of America. The juniors and seniors each have their own chapter. Participation in BPA provides opportunities to compete against students in other schools for state and national recognition. The club affords opportunities for the students to work together on community projects outside the school environment. Each club has a fund raiser to raise monies for student activities.

Engineering Tech Prep 
Advisors: Mr. Mike Manix and Mr. Joshua Moore 
Environmental Club 
Advisors: Mr. Nate Stuchell and Mr. Mark Jackson

The Environmental Club is a group of students with a wide interest in all areas of environmental subjects. The group attempts to focus on local activities and issues that in one way or another have an effect upon the community. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
Advisor:  Mr. Mark Jackson

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a nondenominational club that is student led by four officers.  The club attempts to serve as an outreach not only to athletes but anyone that is interested in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and how to apply His teachings to today.  We hope to achieve this through various means such as the Bible study and fellowship that we have twice a month.

Advisors: Mrs. Karri Sherman

FFA Web Site

Greenville FFA is an intra-curricular club for students enrolled in Agricultural Education at Greenville High School.  Members are part of the National FFA organization whose purpose is to develop agricultural leaders.  FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for leadership, personal growth, and career success.
Greenville FFA conducts several community service projects, has a land laboratory and greenhouse, and members are active in local, district, state, and national activities.  Those activities include State and National Conventions, judging contests, exhibits at county fair, sponsoring school activities, holding Safety Awareness Days, Food for America programs for elementary students, and many others.

Advisors: Mrs. Amy Schoen and Mrs. Lisa McGovern

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a nonprofit national vocational student organization for young men and women in family and consumer sciences education through grade 12. It is the only in-school student organization with family as its central focus. The mission of the organization is to promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through--
           • character development
           • creative and critical thinking
           • interpersonal communication
           • practical knowledge
            • vocational preparation    
The Greenville Chapter of FCCLA sponsors chapter meetings with guest speakers, service projects, and staff appreciation activities. Members have an opportunity to participate in group and individual competitive events, as well as educational and service activities.

French Club 
Advisor: Miss Stephanie Mikesell

The French Club is open to any student who is currently enrolled in French I, II, III or IV, or has completed at least one year of French.  The dues are $4.00 for the year.  We have one fundraiser each year - an after game dance which is shared with the Spanish Club.  We use our funds to present awards promoting those who are the top students at each level for the year and to give a scholarship to a graduating senior.  Among our activities are to put on a French Cafe for the Spring Expo, participate in Homecoming activities, and help promote school spirit with hall decorations at Christmas time.  We hope to do a service project this year, and that is currently in the planning stages. 

Freshman Class 
Advisor: Mrs. Megan Roessner

The Freshman Class participates in homecoming activities, Christmas decorating and fundraising for their class.  The class officers provide leadership for these activities and promote class spirit.

Instrumental Music 

Advisors: Mr. JR Price and Mr. Dacoda Kaczmarek

Band of Pride Web Page

Marching Band of Pride, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, Jazz Scene, Music Theory, Wavettes.


Interactive Media 
Advisor: Mrs. Lori Hoover 

Interactive Media is a club of students who are enrolled in the Interactive Media Tech Prep program.  One of the main activities of this club is the production of IMTV, a weekly video news broadcast for GHS.  This club is also affiliated with BPA, and attends regional and state conferences and competitions.

Junior Class 
Advisors: Mrs. Erin Eberwein and Mrs. Mary Lee Moore
The Junior Class participates in homecoming activities, Christmas decorating and fundraising for the Junior/Senior Prom. The class officers provide leadership for these activities and promote class spirit.
Key Club 
Advisor: Mr. Jake Porter
Key Club is a student led community service organization. The goal of its members and officers is to serve the community while learning the lessons of leadership and responsibility.
Medical Tech Prep 
Advisors: Mrs. Stephanie Lind and Mr. Kurt Labig
Advisors:  Senior Naval Science Instructor: CDR Mark E. Atkinson and Naval Science Instructor: Petty Officer Douglas S. Scott, PhD. The Navy Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (NJROTC) program prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as American citizens. It is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school, college and career preparation, and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community and Nation. NJROTC teaches young men and women the kind of self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills that can help them successfully meet the challenges of adulthood. The NJROTC curriculum emphasizes citizenship and leadership development, as well as our maritime heritage, the significance of sea power, and naval topics such as the fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation and meteorology. Classroom instruction is augmented throughout the year by community service activities, drill competition, field meets, visits to military activities, marksmanship training, and other military training. Uniforms, textbooks, training aids, and travel allowance are provided by the Navy. 
National Honor Society 
Advisor: Mrs. Shelia Reichard and Mrs. Amber Warner

National Honor Society recognizes outstanding high school students who exemplify the qualities of Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Character.  Millions of former members throughout the country take pride in the fact that they were chosen to be a part of this prestigious organization.  The Greenville High School chapter of NHS, founded in 1934, is well into its fourth generation of inducting students through its annual Tap Assembly.

Supply Chain Management
Advisor: Mrs. Missy Riethman

This program give preparation for a variety of office careers-office support, administrative assistants, customer reps, and middle managers. Our club reinforces the technical competencies through BPA contests, field trips, projects and fundraising.

Advisor: Mrs. Lori Keller

The purpose of the SADD club is to: provide students with the opportunity to build supportive relationships with other students; create an awareness of the effects of dangerous decisions such as alcohol consumption, drug abuse, premarital sex, and violence; and develop programs to promote safe decisions in the school and community. Activities for the club include Red Ribbon Week, Spring Olympiad, Operation Prom Graduation, and Role Models for the Elementary Schools.

Science Club 
Advisor: Mr. Mark Jackson 

The Science Club is focused on the development and presentation of science demonstrations to elementary school students.  The club will also compete in science events such as Wright State's Egg Drop Contest, Envirothon and Science Bowl.

Senior Class 
Advisor: Mrs. Melissa Riethman and Mrs. Ashley Weaver

Senior Class strives to create and maintain class interest, develop leadership,  fellowship, and the spirit of cooperation.  Class members develop the ability to earn, save and budget wisely through projects such as graduation, after-prom, baccalaureate and other class activities.

Sophomore Class 
Advisor: Miss Beth Shields

The Sophomore class consists of all 10th graders at GHS. It is led by their elected class officers. The Sophomores participate in Homecoming activities and other school spirit activities and contests.

Spanish Club 
Advisor: Mrs. Lori Keller

This club is mainly for students with the same interest in the Spanish language. The club participates in many different after school activities, such as Spring Expo, Homecoming Parade, and the after game dances that are throughout the year. The club also allows the Spanish Students to go out and apply their knowledge by teaching it to elementary children. If you would like to know more about this club you can contact Mrs. Keller or any other officer mentioned on this page. Members of the club have traveled to Mexico, Europe and, most recently, Costa Rica.

Student Council 
Advisor: Mrs. Kim Blumenstock & Mrs. Kristalyn Bush

Our objective is to provide leadership through example by performing services for the school system and the community. Our goal is to involve as many GHS students as possible in as many activities as possible throughout the school year.



Theatre Company 
Advisor: Mr. Steve Buckingham

GHS Theatre Company Troupe 4114 is open to any high school student interested in Theater Arts.  If your interest lies in acting, lighting, sound, props, costumes, sets, painting, or any other aspect of theater, the Company would like your participation.  Students active in the organization many attend the Ohio Educational Theatre Association Regional and State Conferences held each year.

Varsity G 
Advisor: Mr. Adam Eberwein

The Varsity G club is open to any student with a varsity letter in grades 9-12 in sports, academics, music and theater, etc.  The club members pay a due of $3.00 dollars each year.  The club works with the community on various projects.  Some of the fundraisers that the club does includes the Annual Varsity G Lift-A-Thon, and 50/50 Raffle at boys basketball games.  The club has recently donated money to Sunshine Daycare Center for a new play house, and purchase new equipment for the high school weight room.

Vocal Music 
Advisor: Mrs. Chelsea Whirledge

Vocal Music Web Page

Wavaires, Concert Choir, Men's Choir, Women's Choir, Choraliers, Girls Glee, Music Theory, Voice Class


Advisor: Mrs. Megan Roessner

Yearbook Web Page

Yearbook is offered as a class.
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