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What is the role of the Treasurer?
The Treasurer today has the responsibility as the chief fiscal officer of the school district. This responsibility encompasses the receipt, accounting for and disbursement of all the funds of the school district as required by applicable laws and in accordance with board regulations and policies.

The Treasurer also serves as secretary to the board of education and as such records and has custody of board meeting minutes, files and certifies certain documents. The statutory duties of the Treasurer are set forth in ORC sections 3313.22 through 3313.32.

The role of the Treasurer’s Office in the school district affects all areas of the educational process. The office staff usually does not have direct contact with students. However, each student’s education depends on the staff and the electricity bills getting paid, and the purchase of instructional supplies.

The residents of the district depend on the Treasurer’s Office to invest district funds wisely, provide accurate financial information, and ensure that the funds of the district are spent within the confines of the law.

And, while the office staff performs the day-to-day operations, they also put out “fires.” Since the Treasurer’s Office provides a service, many of the phone calls received are from people who are calling because they have a problem: They didn’t get their paycheck. Where is the purchase order they sent over? They need more money for building repairs and educational supplies. The Treasurer must ensure that the office staff is continually motivated to deal effectively and positively with people - not only to satisfy the customer, but to ensure that the students have a fine place to learn.
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