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Mrs. Margaret Copeland

K-4 Physical Education/Mrs. Copeland

     Hello!  My name is Maggie Copeland.  I was born and raised in the wonderful town of Greenville, and graduated from Greenville High School in 1980, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education at Defiance College in 1984.  I have been a Physical Education teacher in Greenville for 33 years, and in Education for 36 years.  I have been married to my loving husband, Bruce, for 32 years, and we have 2 grown children, Caleb and Katie.
     I enjoy watching children grow physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.  While teaching Physical Education, I see children learn so many things about themselves, and gain confidence along the way.  I appreciate you giving me the chance to teach your children, and I will continue to do my best to help your children learn, play, and improve their gross motor skills, while having fun along the way !  

November News

     As November falls into place, we will be looking at some fun activities involving turkeys, pumpkins, and maybe even some scarecrows!  We will play games like Turkey Bowling, and Gobble Gobble Tag, and the students continue to enjoy throwing balls, running from each other, and improving skills of throwing, catching, rolling, jumping, and dodging.   We were sad not to have our Fall Festival this year, due to social distancing and staying safe, but the students are enjoying being together in gym, and playing safely together!

                                                         Stay Safe,

                                                            Mrs. Copeland

Contact Info

Please feel free to contact me:

   937-548-3185 (Elementary)

February News

Greetings in February !
                         I hope you are all being safe and happy !  In these challenging times, it is still important to try and get our bodies moving, even if we are home due to the weather !  At school, the students are doing a variety of activities.  Our latest activity was a "Bottle Flipping Battle."  I enjoy showing the students some activities that they can also do at home !  If your child did the activity in P.E. class, ask them to show you what they did !  Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, we will not be doing our "Jump Rope for Heart event" this year. as we cannot share the equipment needed in order to stay safe.  I look forward to being able to do it again next year.  Coming in March, we will be doing some activities related to "Leprachauns."
Until then, stay safe and keep moving !
                                Mrs. Copeland

April News

Happy Spring to you all !!
            I hope you had a wonderful Easter break with your families.  Spring flowers bring May flowers, which also brings rain !  I hope we can get outside to do many of our activities this last 2 months.  Before we get outside, we are going to be doing some gymnastic activities, such as tumbling, balancing on a balance beam, balancing as we jump hurdles, and attempting to climb a climbing rope !  If students cannot successfully climb the rope, they can always try to hold themselves off the floor by hanging on the rope. Either attempt can strengthen the arms and shoulders !  2nd Graders will be doing a post-test of a 1 minute test of sit-ups.  We did a 1 min. pre-test in the Fall.  I hope the students will be able to increase their core strength through the year.  We will hopefully be getting outside to do some fun activities, such as different tag games, ball activities, and we will continue to stretch and do strengthening activities. Stay active and enjoy this Spring weather !
                            Mrs. Copeland

May Newsletter

     Hello everyone !  Our final month is here !  Let's hope we have some sunnier, warmer weather !!  I hope everyone is able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures !  The month of May is exciting, as we are finishing up a fitness test for 2nd grade, by doing our post-test of our 1 minute sit-up test.  The 2nd graders have worked hard all year to improve their core strength.  We will be going outside as much as possible during gym class during the nice days !
     We are looking forward to having our Field Day this year, if approved by the Health Dept.  Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions and social distancing protocols, we will not be able to have parents attend our Field Day this year. We will have Grades K-2 do Field Day in the morning, and Grades 3-4 do their Field Day in the afternoon on the same day, on JUNE 1ST.  If approved by the Health Dept, please have your child wear tennis shoes (not sandals or flip-flops) and comfortable clothing (shorts and t-shirts) for their events.  The school will send out further information when we know more.  Thank you for your cooperation in helping your child have a great finish to the school year !
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