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Welcome to the Greenville Senior High School Guidance Department
We wish you a pleasant experience with us as you seek career paths, pursue knowledge, make new friends, and become familiar with the world you will face upon graduation.
The Guidance Department is located down the hallway from the Main Office. Both students and parents are encouraged to become acquainted with the counselors and utilize the available services:

   Listen to students’ needs and concerns.
   Help assess students’ strengths and weaknesses.
   Meet with students to explain the counseling program, discuss personal concerns, and discuss college/career options.
   Preview student academic records and suggest areas of improvement and strategies to increase academic achievement.
   Help students schedule time and meet deadlines for taking standardized tests.
   Provide resources on college/career selections, financial aid resources and specific guidelines for exploring post high
   school options.
   Help students acquire specific skills in test taking, study skills, decision making and goal setting to enhance academic
   Coordinate college, military, trade/technical visitation programs.
   Provide student recommendations, help students set reasonable goals and develop strategies for meeting them.

It is our mission to provide all students with the skills and support they need to make informed decisions about their personal, high school and post high school lives. Our open door policy welcomes all students and parents from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday with appointments before and after school hours as needed. Please call us any time at 937-548-4188 ext. 1004.

Good luck in all your endeavors,
The GHS Guidance Staff
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