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2016-17 V/R Girls Basketball Schedule

11/08/16 TUE 6:00P MARION LOCAL / HOUSTON (SC) Greenville Senior Home
11/12/16 SAT 1:00P TROY CHRISTIAN (SC) Troy Christian Away
11/15/16 TUE 6:00P TCN / TBA (SC) Greenville Senior Home
11/19/16 SAT 10:00A ARCANUM (SC) Arcanum Away
11/22/16 TUE 6:00P ST. HENRY / NATL. TRAIL (SC) Greenville Senior Home
11/25/16 FRI 3:00/4:30 ANNIE OAKLEY  (RES) Greenville Senior Home
11/25/16 FRI 6:00/7:30 ANNIE OAKLEY  (VAR) Greenville Senior Home
11/26/16 SAT 3:00/4:30 ANNIE OAKLEY  (RES) Greenville Senior Home
11/26/16 SAT 6:00/7:30 ANNIE OAKLEY  (VAR) Greenville Senior Home
11/30/16 WED 6:00P NORTHMONT Greenville Senior Home
12/03/16 SAT 11:30A BRADFORD (VAR) Greenville Senior Home
12/05/16 MON 6:00P PIQUA Greenville Senior Home
12/07/16 WED 6:00P TROY Greenville Senior Home
12/10/16 SAT 11:30A VANDALIA-BUTLER Vandalia-Butler Away
12/14/16 WED 6:00P TIPPECANOE Tipp City Away
12/21/16 WED 6:00P SIDNEY Greenville Senior Home
12/22/16 THU 6:00P MILTON-UNION Greenville Senior Home
01/11/17 WED 6:00P WEST CARROLLTON West Carrollton Away
01/14/17 SAT 11:30A STEBBINS Stebbins Away
01/17/17 TUE 6:00P XENIA Xenia Away
01/19/17 THU 6:00P COVINGTON Greenville Senior Home
01/21/17 SAT 11:30A MIAMISBURG Miamisburg Away
01/23/17 MON 6:00P TROTWOOD Greenville Senior Home
01/25/17 WED 6:00P FAIRBORN Greenville Senior Home
01/28/17 SAT 11:30A TROY Troy Away
02/01/17 WED 6:00P VANDALIA-BUTLER Greenville Senior Home
02/04/17 SAT 11:30A TIPPECANOE (SR. DAY) Greenville Senior Home
02/08/17 WED 6:00P PIQUA Piqua Away
02/11/17 SAT 11:30A SIDNEY Sidney Away

2016-17 9th Girls Basketball Schedule


2016-17 Jr. High Girls Basketball Schedule

11/17/16 THU 5:30P MARION LOCAL (SC) Marion Local Away
11/21/16 MON 5:30P ST. HENRY (SC) St. Henry Away
11/29/16 TUE 5:30P TECUMSEH Greenville Jr. High Home
12/06/16 TUE 5:30P TIPPECANOE Tipp City Away
12/08/16 THU 5:30P NORTHMONT  Northmont Away
12/10/16 SAT 10:00A VANDALIA-BUTLER Greenville Jr. High Home
12/13/16 TUE 5:00P XENIA - to 12-17-16 Greenville Jr. High Home
12/15/16 THU 5:30P TROY Troy Away






XENIA - from 12-13-16


Greenville Jr. High

Greenville Jr. High



12/22/16 THU 5:30P MAD RIVER (STEBBINS) Greenville Jr. High Home
01/05/17 THU 5:30P WEST CARROLLTON West Carrollton Away
01/10/17 TUE 5:30P SPRINGFIELD Greenville Jr. High Home
01/12/17 THU 5:30P FAIRBORN BAKER Greenville Jr. High Home
01/17/17 TUE 5:30P TROTWOOD Trotwood Away
01/19/17 THU 5:30P SIDNEY Sidney Away
01/24/17 TUE 5:30P MIAMISBURG Greenville Jr. High Home
01/26/17 THU 5:30P PIQUA Piqua Away
01/31/17 TUE 5:30P SIDNEY Greenville Jr. High Home
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