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We are very excited to get the 2020-2021 school year under way!  
We can't wait to greet our students and anticipate 
their excitment of a new school year.
We have been working very hard to get all of the routes mapped out ... we are asking that all Alternate Transporation Plan Forms be turned in by August 7th.  
During August 7th through September 8th we will be unable to make changes.  We use this time to complete and prepare bus routes.  Post cards with your child's transporation information, will be prepared and mailed to students prior to school beginning.

If you have moved over the summer, you must contact the building your child attends or Memorial Hall to change your child's address before changing it with the transportation department.

Alternate Transportation Plan Form needs to be filled out each year for each child in order for your child to be picked up and/or dropped off anywhere other than the bus stop closest to your home. 

Your child's AM and PM stop may be at different locations but we are unable to accept schedules that vary from day to day or at a different house every other week. For instance, your child may get on at home and off at the stop closest to a sitter or vice versa. Small children get extremely confused and mistakes can be made when parents want to change a student's schedule. 
If your child has brought in a note to be picked up but forget and get on the bus, you will need to get your child at their assigned stop. This is for the safety of the student.

If you have questions, you may call Jenny Bruns @ 548-4464
Parent information regarding student drop off:
Parents, who choose to meet their child at the bus stop, should plan to be at the bus stop 10-15 minutes prior to their child's scheduled drop off. Bus drivers must keep to a schedule and can not wait for you to arrive. 
Make a plan with your friends, neighbors and your child in the event you are not there by the time the bus arrives for drop off. It is strongly suggested that you do a couple of trial runs between your home and the bus stop so your child knows how to get home in the event you are not at the stop on time.
It is suggested you get to know the other parents and students at the bus stop so your child isn't afraid if you are not there when they get off the bus. Some parents have found setting their phone alarm in advance to remind them to go to the bus stop is helpful.
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