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  OPEN HOUSE 2018-19 
AUGUST 23rd  
  • 4:30-6 Elementary grades K-4; (classes posted August 20th)
  • 5:30-7 Middle School grades 5-8; (schedules handed out at Open House-Homerooms posted August 20th)
  • 6:30-8 High School grades 9-12. 
 Open House fundraiserKona Ice will be available for purchase during Open House at the K8 building.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the schools.  Please participate in this yummy fundraiser.  We ask that all icy treats be consumed outside of the building.  Thanks for your help in keeping our facility nice and clean.  
GMS would like to introduce our Postive Behavior Theme for 2018-9!!>> 
BE KIND IN WORDS AND ACTIONS!  The springboard assembly on August 31st will be presented by Camfel Productions, a multimedia multiple screen experience, to introduce our year long focus of being kind to others.
Being kind to others and ourselves in actions and words is the most productive way to develop relationships and lead to lifelong suceess.  By working to understand others and gaining empathy we will grow and appreciate others!  Please help reinforce our theme at home by continuing to encourage evidence of kindness in all areas of your child's life.  

SCHOOL SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY!  Staff and students have had ALICE training, class discussions, lessons, videos and drills to prepare for potential concerns!  ALICE stands for :  Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.  


Principal’s Ponderings…

Mr. Chris Mortensen, Principal       Mrs. Rhonda Schaar, Principal      Mrs. Sandra Snyder, Assistant Principal                     

Principal’s Ponderings…..

The beginning of something new is always exciting and fresh.  Students and staff are excited about their classes and who will be in their classes.  It is a time when we have high expectations for ourselves and those we will be with.  Students set goals for themselves to do better than the year before, whether it is raising the grades or just being a little more organized.  It is exciting to say the least and it is great from our stand point to work with each and every one of your children.  We are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you in ensuring your child has the best educational opportunities possible. 

     We have had a number of professional development opportunities offered for our staff within the district and at neighboring educational institutions.  These help us in planning, organizing and preparing for this coming school year.  We are ready to take steps in improving our work to see success and growth for all of our students. 

Our newsletter will continue in its combined 5-8 format.  It is very important to carefully read all beginning of the year information, especially the parent-student handbook, and send in the paperwork as soon as possible.  As always don’t hesitate to call or email with questions or concerns as they arise.  We love to hear from you and work together to create the best opportunities for your child. 

Again, Thank you for your important role in helping shape and support the future of Greenville – our kids.  Go WAVE!!!

 School Supplies

The 5th and 6th Grade supply sheets are out at Walmart and ready for parents to look over and start stocking up.  The 7th and 8th Grade Middle School does not have a specific school supply list for each subject as multiple teachers teach each subject and there are more options for electives and course direction at this level.  For the first day of school, students should bring a pen, pencil, paper and individual folders for each subject.  Students enrolled in art should have the following: Pencils with erasers, a large eraser, set of colored pencils, set of large markers, small pair of scissors, small bottle of glue or glue stick, 1 large cereal box, 1 fine tip black Sharpie, 1 ultra-fine black Sharpie, 1 printed roll of duct tape, 1 colored roll of duct tape (both duct tapes will be used in the same project, so choose two that you like together), and a small ruler.  Students enrolled in choir or general music need pencils and pen, loose-leaf paper, one two-pocket folder, and one package of 5x8 or 4x6 note cards.  Students enrolled in Mrs. Warvel’s Language Arts class will need red pens daily for this class.  Supplies needed for Language Arts 8 for Colley and Davis or “Team Davolley” need 1.5” binder, 3 one subject spiral notebooks, 1 pack of dividers (any style or color), Notebook paper, colored pencils, blue or black ink pens, pencils.  Any other needed items will be discussed on the first day of school.  Those students in “Team Dovolley” are also asked to bring in the following items (Assigned by last name):

Last names beginning A-F:  2 Glue Sticks

Last names beginning G-K:  2 highlighters (any colors)

Last names beginning L-P:  1 pair of scissors

Last names beginning Q-Z:  1 pack of pencils

All last names:  1 box of tissues

**we would also be thrilled to accept donations of sanitizing wipes

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