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GMS would like to introduce our Postive Behavior Theme for 2018-9!!>> 
 BE KIND WINNERS:  Congratulations to all the winners!

April’s Be Kind winners

5th grade: Ireland Brock. A classmate of Ireland’s iPad was not charged and he was unable to use it, which upset him. Even though it was free time and Ireland was playing on hers, she gave it to him to use to make him happy.

6th grade: Madelynn Huecker is incredibly friendly to everyone she meets. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to classmates. She also shares her smile to brighten the day of those around her.

7th grade: Breyana Fitzwater has been over the top helpful for a few weeks and has shown a true understanding of what it means to be kind to everyone.

8th grade: Autumn Dicke always comes to class with a smile on her face. She is always looking for ways to help and puts others needs in front of her own. She takes on leadership roles and is a friend to everyone in need.

May’s Be Kind Winners

5th grade: Allison Francis consistently demonstrates the “Be Kind” theme by looking out for her classmates. She makes sure they have what supplies they all need and that everyone feels included. She goes out of her way to make sure certain students get help and treats everyone with kindness.

6th grade: Kamdon Riethman offers to help get lunches for the AIR room. He has been very helpful and come in everyday with a smile.

7th grade: Lily Mowery has been a great help in class. As soon as she has her work done, she has been offering to help some students struggling to finish the work. She has a pleasant attitude, a smile on her face and is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for others.

8th grade: Jaybin McFaddin volunteers to read with two struggling readers two times a week. He assists their understanding of the reading by reading to and with them. He helps with worksheets and testing. He has shown great growth as a young man this year.

Congratulations to all students nominated: Beau Melvin, Kyla King, Grahm Bear, Brett Brown, Brooklyn Schmidt, Sean Chaney, Grace Barhorst, Ella Strawn, Kylub King and Skylar Osbourne, Haiden Livingston


SCHOOL SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY!  WE WILL BE CONDUCTING AN ENHANCED LOCKDOWN DRILL ON THURSDAY FEB 14th for Staff and students.  Staff and students have had ALICE training, class discussions, lessons, videos and drills to prepare for potential concerns!  ALICE stands for :  Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.  

Parents be aware of the MOMO challenge:  It involves act of self harm.  Please see more at  https://preventionactionalliance.org/advocate/newsletters/know-momo-and-her-deadly-challenge-to-our-youth-2/


Principal’s Ponderings…

For more ideas to help with summer learning loss, please visit www.sumerlearning.org 

Mr. Chris Mortensen, Principal       Mrs. Rhonda Schaar, Principal      Mrs. Sandra Snyder, Assistant Principal 

cmortensen@gcswave.com              rschaar@gcswave.com                      ssnyder@gcswave.com     

As we finish-up the year and reflect on where we’ve been, we would like to thank you for your support and the opportunity to work with your wonderful children.  It has been our pleasure to help in assisting them to reach their goals and grow to their greatest potential.  We have been blessed with some of the best teachers, most supportive staff, a community who supports learning as well as students who want to learn and grow.   We have a great job and are blessed each and every day by being in your children’s presence. 

As we head toward the summer months there is one thing to consider for helping our students to continue to grow and that would be summer learning loss.  We encourage you to keep up the momentum your child has achieved this year.  Putting him/her in reading programs through the local library, joining a club or group that will continue their math and reading skills, or keep them logged onto learning sites on the internet are a few ways this can be done.  Use vacation as an opportunity to focus on the history of the area you are in is also a good way to keep learning increasing.  Thanks again for sharing your children with us this past year.

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