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Greenville Career Technology Center Report Card Released

We have had a wonderful start to the school year at the Greenville Career Technology Center.  Each program is working to ensure that each student has incredible opportunities to assist them with their future endeavors.  I am excited for what this school year will bring. 

We are pleased to be serving a total of 344 students in our junior and senior programs this school year.  There are also 348 students in the various foundation courses, which give the students an introduction to the different programs offered at Greenville’s Career Technology Center.  In total, 83% of our student population at the high school is connected with a career technology course or program.

Greenville’s students' involvement in career technology is not the only good news, the Career Technology Report Cards were released from the Ohio Department of Education. These report cards include six marks for performance within four different components.  The four components are averaged to give a final grade.  Greenville Career Technology Center received an overall grade of a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The first component on the report card is Achievement, and Greenville CTC scored 4 stars (86.2%).  This component represents the total number of students who passed the end-of-course state assessments.  These tests measure the knowledge the student has obtained from their career technology program.

Christopher Sykes
Career Technology Director
Greenville City Schools
November 6, 2023

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