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Financial Specialist Career Technology Program
Financial Specialist 11 --- Grades 11and 12
Financial Specialist 11 is a study of financial services, including accounting, business management, entrepreneurship and banking, financial securities, and investments. Students will develop their interpersonal skills, and they will be introduced to possible careers in insurance, real estate, and international business. Students will learn vocabulary and basic concepts needed for understanding these areas. Students will participate in Business Professionals of America and Tech Prep activities. The program will include a combination of individual and group assignments, projects, field trips, and club-related activities.
Financial Specialist 12 (126) --- Grade 12
Students continue to study finance, accounting, and management. Students will also study units on insurance, real estate, and securities & investment. Special emphasis is given to the study of the multitude of careers and opportunities in business. Seniors can participate in the Senior Internship program with an area business. Leadership and personal development skills will also be emphasized through the co-curricular club activities and affiliation with Business Professionals of America. Students will also experience business hands-on through their participation in operating the school spirit shop, the Alumni Shop. Graduates of the Tech Prep Financial Specialist major have the opportunity to earn a scholarship to either Edison Community College or a $3,000 Tech Prep scholarship to Sinclair Community College.
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