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Greenville City Schools Teacher of the Year 2021- 2022 Tammie Riffle
This spring, Tammie Riffle was announced as the 2022 Greenville City Schools Teacher of the Year! Tammie Riffle has been working for Greenville City Schools for 36 Years. During that time, she has served as a home instructor, adult basic education instructor, corrections facility instructor, sixth grade and high school special education teacher, art teacher, computer teacher, and past cheerleading advisor! Tammie is most recently known for her role as a first grade teacher (9 years), second grade teacher (16 years), and a literacy collaborative coach (the past 10 years). 

Tammie retired in 2020 but decided to return to Greenville Elementary School this past school year. She currently works with two other literacy coaches who serve roughly 30 teachers and intervention specialists and provide small group learning for many students in grades K-2. Over the past few years, Tammie has also contributed to her school’s vertical alignment by providing literacy guidance between grades 2 & 3 and serving as a mentor coach for reading in grades 3 & 4. For the past several years, Tammie has also taken on the responsibility of facilitating the Greenville Elementary Summer School program. She recruits teachers, collaborates with administration on curriculum materials, takes the lead on developing the student priority list, and actually teaches summer school as well! Tammie is a leader within the RTI (response to intervention) team in grades K-2, and she works tirelessly to provide training and expertise for our teachers on a continual basis. She is an amazing role model and supporter for Greenville City Schools. 

Congratulations, Tammie!