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Grades K-8 Student Pick Up/Drop Off of Supplies and Belongings
If you cannot make your assigned time, please contact your child’s principal to schedule another time.

Jody Harter Gr. K-2             937-548-3185 ext. 3011
or Susan Dankworth          937-548-3185 ext. 3012

Kitty Davis Gr. 3-4               937-548-3185 ext. 3010

Rhonda Schaar Gr. 5-6      937-548-3185 ext. 2013
Chris Mortensen Gr. 7-8   937-548-3185 ext. 2010 
or Sandy Snyder                 937-548-3185 ext. 2012 

Kdg. -4th Grade Students:  Please bring one parent/guardian (only if needed). 

Grades 5-8 Students:  Please enter the front doors and be picked up in the back of the school.  Parents do not need to come in.

Staff will be assisting to make sure social distancing is adhered to.  We recommend that anyone entering the building wear a mask.