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E-Learning at Greenville City Schools
Students should expect to spend a typical amount of time completing assignments as they would in a normal class. This may be about 20-30 minutes per day per subject. If your student is feeling overwhelmed, have them communicate with their teacher and ask for help. Teachers will be available during regular school day hours to answer questions; some teachers have even set up a live video session to work with multiple students at a time.

Greenville City Schools understands that technology can be confusing, and at times, frustrating to work with, which is why we have set up a link directly to the technology department to help answer any questions or problems that occur. That link is [email protected], and can be found on the Home page of the district’s website.

As all families struggle with how to manage the new situations that have been placed upon them, the district wants to reassure parents that our first concern is the safety and well-being of the students and staff, especially as students increasingly use digital technology to do school work. The district has a robust internet filter in place so students can only access appropriate educational content, and the technology department and principals all monitor student’s web searches for inappropriate content. 

Greenville City Schools is here to help all students and parents. Please feel free to reach out to the district with any questions or concerns about e-learning. Stay healthy and wash those hands!

Written by Susan Dankworth, Assistant Principal at Greenville Elementary School
Jim Hooper, Director of Curriculum for Greenville City Schools
Laura Bemus, Assistant Superintendent/Director of Curriculum and Instruction