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Remote Learning Written By Laura Bemus
As Districts transitioned back to school this fall, Greenville City Schools conducted a survey to collect data on how our community and families felt about students returning to traditional learning VS continued remote learning.   Approximately 20% of our families wanted to continue remote learning for at least the first semester of the 20-21 school year.  With that information, we assigned teachers to remote learners as schedules were developed to meet this need.  Teachers were also trained during the summer to use the Learning Management System, Canvas.  Many preparations occurred for a smooth and flexible return to school without affecting instructional time.

As we begin the second quarter of this school year, here are a few quotes from staff members and a student on remote teaching and learning:
Beth Shields, HS Math Teacher, “I'm very thankful that we have a new Learning Management System (Canvas ??). It is really helpful for me and the students to keep things organized! I think it is nice that students have the option to do remote learning because for some students, it really fits their learning styles and needs.”
HS Student quote, “Remote learning is going better than I thought it would be. My teachers are making it easy to find assignments, and we have Zoom calls to clear things up and say hi. It fits my life style because when I wake up I start my work right away and I can finish at my pace.”

Mary Kate Lefeld, Elementary Remote Teacher, “Remote learning has been an exciting new challenge! I am so proud of our students and families who are committed to continuing their child’s education from home during these trying times! Thank goodness for all of our awesome technology here and the educational online programs we have access to. It makes it easier to meet the needs of our diverse learners! I definitely feel like this is enhancing everyone’s knowledge of technology and though it is tough, it is making us better for our future! “
Overall, it’s been a great time for accepting change and being flexible to equip our teachers and meet the needs of our students.  As Mrs. Mary Kate Lefeld said, “it is making us better for our future.”  That statement is a great reflection in summing up the positive movement for education in today’s challenges.