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Athletic Supplemental Positions

The following supplemental positions are available for Greenville City Schools for the 2023-2024 school year:

Varsity Baseball Coach
Asst. High School Baseball Coach
Ninth Grade Baseball Coach
Seventh/Eighth Grade Baseball Coach 
(2 possible positions pending the number of athletes for 2 teams-if only 1 team, then one coach)
Basketball - Girls
Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Asst. High School Girls JV Basketball Coach
Ninth Grade Girls Basketball Coach
Eighth Grade Girls Basketball Coach
Seventh Grade Girls Basketball Coach
Basketball - Boys
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Asst. HS Boys JV Basketball Coach
Ninth Grade Boys Basketball Coach
Eighth Grade Boys Basketball Coach
Seventh Grade Boys Basketball Coach
Varsity Bowling Coach
Asst. High School JV Bowling Coach
Cheerleading Coordinator (Full Year)
Varsity & Reserve Football Cheer 
Ninth Grade Football Cheer Advisor
Seventh/Eighth Grade Football Cheer 
Varsity & Reserve Basketball Cheer Advisor
Asst. Varsity/Reserve Basketball Cheer Advisor
Seventh/Eighth Grade Basketball Cheer Advisor
Cross Country
Varsity Boys/Girls Cross Country Coach
Asst. HS Boys & Girls Cross Country Coach
Jr. High Boys/Girls Cross Country Coach
Varsity Football Coach
Asst. High School Football Coach (4)
Ninth Grade Football Coach (2)
Eighth Grade Football Coach (2)
Seventh Grade Football Coach (2)
Varsity Girls Golf Coach
Varsity Boys Golf Coach
Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
Asst. High School Boys Soccer Coach
Varsity Girls Soccer Coach
Asst. High School Girls Soccer Coach
Varsity Softball Coach
Asst. High School Softball Coach
Seventh/Eighth Grade Softball Coach
(2 possible positions pending the number of athletes for 2 teams-if only 1 team, then one coach)
Strength & Conditioning 
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Boys & Girls Swimming 
Varsity Boys/Girls Swim Coach
Varsity Boys Tennis Coach
Assistant Varsity Boys Tennis Coach
Junior High Boys Tennis Coach
Varsity Girls Tennis Coach
Assistant Varsity Girls Tennis Coach
Junior High Girls Tennis Coach
Varsity Boys & Girls Track Coach
Assistant High School Track Coach (3)
Head Jr. High Boys/Girls Track Coach
Assistant Junior High Girls/Boys Track 
Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach
Asst. High School Volleyball Coach
Ninth Grade Volleyball Coach
Eighth Grade Jr. High Volleyball Coach
Seventh Grade Jr. High Volleyball Coach
Wrestling Coach
Asst. High School Wrestling Coach (2)
JH Wrestling Coach (2)
Interested and qualified individuals should submit a round trip letter or letter of interest to Aaron Shaffer, Greenville Senior High School, by Friday, February 3, 2023.

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