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"Greenville Middle School: A Whole-Child Learning Focus!"

Over the last decade the climate and culture of Greenville Middle School has adapted to the changing demands of our times.   These changes have had a lasting affect on GMS students and staff.  In the last five years we’ve experienced building a new facility and coming together from separate buildings; a pandemic propelling all students to remote learning; and a year of remote learning for some, and most recently, all students returning to in person learning as we anticipate the end of the pandemic.   Through all of these changes the bedrock of our mission has remained the same; we are a place of learning.   Our learning focus includes the whole child from their ride to school to their ride home and every second in between.  At GMS at least four groups work daily to solidify that learning focus and continually impact the climate and culture of GMS in a positive way.   Student Leaders, Student Principal Advisory Committee (SPAC), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports team (PBIS) and our Sunshine Committee are tasked with long-range planning of initiatives that will positively impact the climate and culture of GMS.

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