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District Technology Network Administrator
February 27, 2018

TO: All Staff
FROM: Douglas Fries, Superintendent
RE: District Technology Network Administrator Available for the 2018-2019 school year

The following position is available for the 2018-2019 school year:

District Technology Network Administrator
Administrative Contract – (260 day contract, vacation days included)

Job Objective:  Helps ensure that district computer systems/networks are functioning properly and available for use when needed. Provides technical expertise and manual skill in the installation, servicing, and repair services.

Minimum Qualifications:  
• Strong technical skills as evidenced by an Associate’s degree (Bachelor’s degree preferred) and/or equivalent combination of computer training/work experience.
• Expertise in Windows Server Operating Systems.
• Thorough understanding of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and training/experience with Brocade, Microsoft, Apple and VMWare server environments.
• Experience in LAN/WAN connectivity and installing, troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining computer hardware and software applications.
• Experience with 1 to 1 Deployment Systems (Jamf, eSpark, etc.)
• Experience with Apple, PCs, and Servers.
• Knowledge of the curriculum process and software applications appropriate for diverse instructional settings and user abilities.
• Available to work irregular hours and/or a non-traditional schedule.

Essential Functions:  
• Keeps the Director of Administrative Services informed about current activities and emerging issues.
• Provides on-site and remote network support; travels to district buildings as necessary.
• Assists with configuring, maintaining, installing, and troubleshooting the district’s network infrastructure, local and wide-area, wired and wireless network components as well as network-defined peripherals.
• Assists with configuring, maintaining, installing, and troubleshooting the district’s network servers.
• Assists with configuring, maintaining, installing, and troubleshooting the district’s voice-over-IP telephone system and attached devices.
• Assists with configuring, maintaining, installing, and troubleshooting the district’s video infrastructure.
• Performs routine maintenance on network equipment, operating systems, and software; installs patches and upgrades as necessary.
• Manages the district e-mail and anti-spam systems.
• Proactively recommends systems upgrades to minimize or avoid failures or downtime.
• Manages the district data backup system and performs restores as necessary.
• Installs, maintains, troubleshoots, and supports approved network software including but not limited to the Gradebook program.
• Implements security procedures, software, and policies to keep the district network and data secure from internal and external attacks.
• Maintains the district anti-virus/anti-malware software; troubleshoots, researches and resolves virus and malware issues.
• Documents installed systems and configurations.
• Pursues personal goals to improve future performance. Participates in a variety of activities to keep current with advances in technology.
• Works with the technology committee to update the district’s technology plan.
• Upholds board policies and follows administrative procedures.
• Participates in staff meetings and professional growth activities as directed.
• Performs other specific job-related duties as directed by the Director of Administrative Services and/or Superintendent.

Interested and qualified individuals should submit a letter of interest and resume to Jeff Cassell, Director of Administrative Services, St. Clair Memorial Hall, 215 W. Fourth Street, Greenville, Ohio, by Thursday, March 8, 2018.