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Athletic Supplementals
DATE: February 27, 2018

TO: All Personnel

FROM: Douglas Fries, Superintendent

RE: Supplemental Positions Available for the 2018-2019 School Year

The following supplemental positions are available for Greenville City Schools for the 2018-2019 school year:

Varsity Baseball Coach
Asst. HS Baseball Coach
9th Grade Baseball Coach

Basketball - Girls
Varsity Girls Basketball
Varsity Assistant HS Girls Basketball
JV Girls Basketball
8th Grade Girls Basketball
7th Grade Girls Basketball

Basketball - Boys
Varsity Boys Basketball
Varsity Assistant HS Boys Basketball
JV Boys Basketball
9th Grade Boys Basketball
8th Grade Boys Basketball
7th Grade Boys Basketball

Varsity Bowling
Asst. HS Bowling

Cheer Coordinator (Full Year)
Varsity & JV Football Cheer Advisor
9th Grade Football Cheer Advisor

Cheerleading continued
JH Football Cheer Advisor
Varsity & JV Basketball Cheer Advisor
Asst. Varsity & JV Basketball Cheer Advisor
JH Basketball Cheer Advisor

Cross Country
HS-Varsity Cross Country Coach
JH Cross Country Coach

Varsity Football Coach
Asst. HS Football (4)
8th Grade Football (2)
7th Grade Football (2)

Varsity Girls Golf
Varsity Boys Golf

Varsity Boys Soccer
Asst. HS (JV) Boys Soccer
Varsity Girls Soccer
Asst. HS (JV) Girls Soccer Coach

Varsity Softball Coach
Asst. HS Softball Coach

Strength & Conditioning
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Boys & Girls Swimming Coach

Varsity Girls Tennis
Varsity Asst. Girls Tennis
JH Girls Tennis
Varsity Boys Tennis
Varsity Asst. Boys Tennis (JV)
JH Boys Tennis

HS Track
Asst. HS Track (3)
JH Track Coach
Asst. JH Track (3)

Varsity Volleyball
Assistant HS Volleyball
7th Grade Volleyball
8th Grade Volleyball

Varsity Wrestling
Asst. HS Wrestling (2)
JH Wrestling (2)

Interested and qualified individuals should submit a round trip letter to Dusty Yingst, Greenville Senior High School - by March 9, 2018.