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The Positive Behavior Wave Starts at Woodland

Woodland Primary’s mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment and to develop healthy, independent, lifelong learners and responsible citizens. One way that we are living into our mission, is through the implementation of a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) model. This model for positive behavior began this summer with a staff book study of The Essential 55 by award winning teacher and motivational speaker, Ron Clark. In his book Ron Clark specifically defines 55 rules for discovering the successful student in every child. Our staff took these 55 rules and outlined them within our 5 school-wide rules. These rules are: Respect yourself, others, and things. Keep our school neat and clean. Listen and follow directions. Always try your best. Be prepared.

Throughout the year, the PBIS team has been collaborating to positively reinforce these rules. Each month students are challenged to continuously display these rules. In December and January the students were challenged to always try their best, by reading books at home. When a student read a book at home they would write the book on a piece of paper and wad it up to make a snowball. At the end of the challenge all of the students with paper snowballs were invited to have a paper snowball fight with the principals.

In February, students were challenged to show how much they love their school by showing respect and keeping our school neat and clean. When any staff member witnessed a student showing how much they love Woodland, they were presented with a paper heart. The students put their names on the heart and placed the heart in the front entryway for everyone to see. At the end of February, DJ 911 hosted a dance party for all of the students that showed they loved Woodland. The dance party was such a hit that the PBIS team extended it into March. During the month of March students earn paper gold coins when they exhibit any of our 5 school-wide rules. These gold coins are hung in the front entry as well. On April 1st, students that have shown positive behavior during the month, will again get to participate in a dance party with DJ 911.

Supporting our students to be the best version of themselves will lay a positive foundation for each child in our building. As they grow and move forward, this foundation will support them in being healthy, independent, life-long learners, and responsible citizens.

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