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   Parents of Room 107, 
   Is it spring or still winter? I guess we'll never know, according to the weather. What I do know is that we continue to work hard on our reading and math skills. Our third graders need to continue working on their sight words. All students need to work on both their oral reading and their silent reading skills. Even though we have now completed the state tests in Reading and Language Arts, we still need to push towards our goals for the end of the year. 
   MAP testing will take place in May, and each student has a personal goal to reach. If students reach their goal, our school provides a Thank You reward, like extra recess or lunch on the terrace. While the testing process can be long and drawn out, the information we gain from test results is used to design the best instruction for your child. 
   That's why it is important that they always do their best, in school work and for tests!
     Ms. Ross
LANGUAGE ARTS: I can ask and answer questions to help me understand what I read. I can refer to the text to answer questions. I can write a paragraph. I can recognize first or third person in a text. 
MATH:    I can add and subtract whole numbers. I can understand and solve addition and subtraction word problems. I can solve multiplication facts to 100. I can identify and describe polygons. I can understand fractions as equal parts.
SOCIAL STUDIES:  I can use primary and secondary sources to learn new facts from history. 
SCIENCE: I can name how animals adapt to their environment.
April 3 Beginning of AIR testing (practice tests available    at
May 11  Special Olympics   
May 28  MEMORIAL DAY (no school) 
May 30  Last day of school for students
 "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
                                      St. Francis of Assisi


                                                Ms. Ross  
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