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   Parents of Room 107, 
      Our third and fourth grade discipline plan, "The Rainbow of Respect,"  is reaping positive benefits for our school, now in its second year of implementation. Students on ORANGE (outstanding behavior) get to hear their names on the morning announcements and receive a special prize from Miss Kitty! 
    Remember,though, if a student earns RED during the day, he or she loses the next recess. Also, if they receive more than four red days, he or she will not earn the privilege of going on a field trip or attending a class party.
    Thank you, parents, for checking your child's assignment book every day, filling out and returning important forms, and ensuring that homework is done. Remember to initial the book each time you check it!
    We have just begun our "french fry" club. Each student is working on a behavior goal. Each time they meet their goal for the day, they receive a sticker on a 3 x 5 card. When they earn 10 stickers they're in the club! Eventually we will increase the reward and the number of stickers required to earn it. They will be able to earn 50 stickers for a McDonald's Happy Meal. That's because they are making their teachers happy by their good choices!
                                           Ms. Ross
LANGUAGE ARTS: I can ask and answer questions to help me understand what I read. I can refer to the text to answer questions. I can spell words with long and short vowels. I can edit my writing for proper capitalization and punctuation.
MATH:    I can add and subtract whole numbers. I can round numbers to a specific place value. I can understand and solve addition and subtraction word problems.
SOCIAL STUDIES:  I can recount stories and history of the early Native Americans. I can use primary and secondary sources to learn new facts from history.
SCIENCE: I can classify rocks and minerals by their shapes, colors, and textures.
 November 7: Fourth grade musical, 6:00 and 7:30 at Memorial Hall
 "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
                                      St. Francis of Assisi


                                                Ms. Ross  
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